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Message from Conal Gregory, Master of Wine


New world or old?  Corks or screw caps?  New technology is making itself felt in all aspects of the wine business and the Club felt it was time to launch a website for members.  You'll be able to find all the Club's news, details of tastings and offers on this site and we hope that our New World enthusiasts will find this a more convenient way to find out about the Club's events.  Meanwhile, our Old World devotees will still continue to receive all the Club's news by post.



Following his tutoring of the "Cabernet around the World" tasting held by the Club, Dr Ben Lewin, Master of Wine, commented:


"I liked the impression that the members have a genuine interest in wine, hence some appreciation of the format.  I go to a fair number of tastings in New York where people are more interested in just knocking off the big names or getting bragging rights about cult wines.  So this was a really nice contrast". 



Don't miss the opportunity to join us in tastings from previously unvisited areas and some special events.



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Next Event:   Stars of Argentina 



Forthcoming Events:


Friday 4th June 2021 Stars of Argentina (via Zoom)
Friday 2nd July 2021 Wines from Eastern Europe (via Zoom)
Monday 2nd August 2021 Wines at Auction (at St. Columba's, Knightsbridge)
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