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Red Herring Wine Club

Who We Are


The Red Herring Wine Club has a simple mission: to further the appreciation and enjoyment of wine.  This is London's leading wine club with regular tutored tastings held in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  For over 50 years, we have organised tastings - ranging from Champagnes and several vintages of one Claret estate to the New World grape varieties and comparatively little known countries, such as Canada, Israel and Switzerland.


The pursuit of wine can be expensive, but as the Club's foundation is non-commercial, all our tastings and other activities are arranged at the most reasonable price possible.


To achieve its aims, the Club organises tastings as its prime activity: these average ten a year, are based on wines of a region or of a vintage, and enable you to sample, in one evening, a range of different and specially chosen wines.  At most meetings eminent merchants and shippers - many of whom are Masters of Wine - are invited to talk about, and illustrate, their specialist background knowledge.  A sample of the tastings hosted by the Club and the speakers who tutored the tastings can be accessed via the link on the left of the page.


Our tastings are not, however, exclusively restricted to light wines: Madeira, Port, Sherry and aperitif tastings, for example, are all within the Club's scope.

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